GWS Scholarship Recipients

The Officers and Board of the Golden West Section (GWS) awarded the 2019-2020 GWS Scholarship to Mr. Xinyu Si, a graduate student in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from Tongji University, Shanghai, China.  Xinyu's undergraduate work in China included field research collecting data from surveys and measurements on indoor air quality. At Stanford, his Master’s Program includes transport of pollutants through fluid dynamics. His professional goal is a research career that contributes to improving the accuracy and speed of computational fluid dynamics to better predict contaminant transport in environmental fluids including the atmosphere, rivers, and oceans.

Scholarship Recipient(s):  2017 – 2018

There were two scholarships awarded during the last period, so the program was suspended for one year.

Scholarship Recipient(s):  2016 – 2017

The Officers and Board of the Golden West Section (GWS) awarded two 2016-2017 GWS Scholarships to Ms. Neha Narwal, M.S. Candidate in Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology at Stanford University, and Mr. Bruno Rodriguez, M.S. Candidate in Meteorology and Climate Science at San Jose State University.  Ms. Narwal's technical studies at Stanford were motivated by her undergraduate research at Delhi Technological University on low-cost treatment of contaminated groundwater in India.  Neha's professional goals include optimization of low-cost groundwater reactor technology to scale up for application in rural areas of India and Africa.  Mr. Rodriguez, after obtaining his B.S. in Meteorology from Georgia Institute of Technology, enrolled in the M.S. program at San Jose State University.  He is currently a graduate research assistant at San Jose State's Fire Weather Research Laboratory, which collects observations and aids fire-fighting units during large fire incidents. These data also provide for research to better understand smoke transport patterns and air quality impacts.  Bruno has an interest in pursuing wildfire management and public policy regarding population impacts, including poor air quality, after graduation.

Scholarship Recipient(s):  2015 – 2016

The Officers and Board of the Golden West Section (GWS) awarded the 2015-2016 GWS Scholarship to Ms. Anja Malawi Brandon.  Anja is completing her BS in Environmental Systems Engineering at Stanford University, and has been accepted at Stanford into an MS program for 2016-2017.  She intends to continue at Stanford for her PhD.  She is working on promising research on the capacity of common insect larva (mealworms) to ingest and degrade one of the most common plastics.  Anja hopes to use her research and later industry-based experience to help advise future policy makers in regards to environmental regulations for a variety of pollutants, especially plastics and microplastics.

Scholarship Recipient(s):  2014 – 2015

The Officers and Board of the Golden West Section (GWS) awarded the 2014-2015 GWS Scholarship to Mr. Robert Diamond, a graduate student in Environmental Engineering and Science at Stanford University.  Mr. Diamond holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering also from Stanford.  Robert's graduate research at Stanford involves the "Combined Aerobic-anoxic Nitrous Decomposition Operation" (CANDO), a wastewater treatment process for nitrogen removal with energy recovery.  Robert aspires to be an entrepreneur in the field of wastewater biotechnology, aiming to start a company to create new wastewater products and processes for both developed and underdeveloped countries.

Scholarship Recipient(s):  2013 – 2014

The Officers and Board of the Golden West Section (GWS) awarded the 2013-2014 GWS Scholarship to Mr. Matthew Lloyd, a Meteorology graduate student at San José State University (SJSU) with a Bachelor's degree in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Utah.  Matthew is following his early passion for meteorology into his long-term career goal.  His work at SJSU includes Lidar observations of aerosol and particles in the lower atmosphere, with the end product of this work being analysis of emission and dispersion of greenhouse gas (GHG) from California natural gas production/storage regions and how this may interact with the boundary layer (BL).  His expected thesis research will be on BL determination through various BL profile methods.  Matthew's work at SJSU has him considering among his post-graduation options employment in the air pollution meteorology field.

Scholarship Recipient(s):  2012 – 2013

The Officers and Board of the Golden West Section awarded two 2012-2013 Scholarships to Ms. Mei Shen and Ms. Nicole Gaetjens, both M.S. candidates at Stanford University.  Ms. Shen is in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Program at Stanford working toward a degree in Atmosphere/Energy.  She obtained her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from Zhejiang University in China.  Ms. Chen aspires to work for international NGOs or foundations focusing on energy/environmental issues, like UNEP, UN Foundation, Energy Foundation or other similar organizations.  Ms. Gaetjens is in Stanford's Environmental Earth System Science Program working toward a degree in Earth Systems.  She obtained her undergraduate degree in Atmosphere/Energy Engineering from Stanford University.  Ms. Gaetjens' interests are in waste management, where she envisions pursuit of a career in recycling, composting, food recovery, and/or general reuse.  In the long-term, she aims to be in a senior management position to influence the waste management operations of a large organization or region.

Scholarship Recipient(s):  2011 – 2012

The Officers and Board of the Golden West Section awarded the Golden West Section 2011-2012 Scholarship Award to Ms. Marcia Silva, an M.B.A. Candidate in Sustainable Enterprise at the Dominican University of California.  Marcia's focus is in the waste management field, and in particular, sustainability.  Her interests are public education regarding resource conservation, recycling and composting, and the empowerment of businesses to contributable to more sustainable societies.  Marcia's goal is to contribute in the effort to increase the number of composting and recycling facilities around the world.

Scholarship Recipient(s):  2010 – 2011

The Officers and Board of the Golden West Section awarded the Golden West Section 2010-2011 Scholarship Award to Ms. Diana Lin, a Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate student at Stanford University with a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Caltech.  Diana has professional experience as an air quality consultant and is now pursuing a Master's degree in Stanford's interdisciplinary environmental science program, including courses in environmental law, regulation, and policy.  Diana's goal is to become research scientist who collaborates with regulators or public policy advocates and to teach at a college or university.

Scholarship Recipient(s):  2009 – 2010

The Officers and Board of the Golden West Section awarded three 2009-2010 Scholarship Awards to Ms. Yu-Ting Huang, a Ph.D. candidate in UC Berkeley's Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management; Mr. Ethan Aumann, a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Science at Stanford University; and Mr. Kyle Shimabuku, an M.S. candidate in Environmental Engineering at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) San Luis Obispo.  Ms. Huang's doctoral research at UC Berkeley focuses on water cycle modeling and its implications to water resource management and environmental protection.  Her interests include optimal combination of environmental conservation and economic development.  Mr. Aumann's doctoral research at Stanford involves the measurement and modeling of physiochemical properties of organic atmospheric aerosols.  He has interests in the effect of anthropogenic aerosols on the Earth's climate as well as sustainable energy systems.  Mr. Shimabuku begins his M.S. studies in Environmental Engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Spring 2010.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from San Diego State University.  His interests include development of new technologies in wastewater treatment, such as improved water reclamation and production of biofuels.  He spent four months as a volunteer aid/relief engineer in the Southern Sudan, Africa.

Scholarship Recipient(s):  2008 – 2009

The Golden West Section 2008-2009 Scholarship Award was awarded to Ms. Emily Humphreys, a Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate student at Stanford.  Ms. Humphreys received her Bachelor's degree from Stanford University's interdisciplinary Earth Systems program.  The focus of Emily's work at Stanford is on energy and climate change mitigation.

GWS Scholarship Fund

For many years the A&WMA-GWS has offered an annual scholarship to one or more students in the GWS Northern California region enrolled at an accredited university in undergraduate or graduate programs in atmospheric or environmental science and engineering; energy; environmental policy; or waste management.  We have established the A&WMA-GWS Scholarship Fund, separate from the rest of the A&WMA-GWS operating budget.  Your donation is tax deductible.