Analyzing Local Air Quality, Infill Development, and Community Air Risks in the San Francisco Bay Area

For any who are interested in land use, infill development, and local air quality interactions, this program is a unique opportunity to gain insight and perspective into related Air District guidance, tools, and experience identifying and reducing risks in impacted communities.  Presentations will include:

Guest Speaker(s)
  • Henry Hilken, Director of Planning, Rules & Research, Bay Area Air Quality Management DistrictAnalyzing Local Air Quality and Infill Development:  Regional agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years have supported infill development as a key strategy to provide needed housing, reduce motor vehicle use, and reduce air pollutant emissions. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has developed guidance and tools to assist planners in avoiding increased air pollution exposures with increased infill development. Mr. Hilken will discuss the how the region can proceed with infill and avoid air pollution exposures.
  • Phil Martien, Air Quality Engineering Manager, Bay Area Air Quality Management DistrictOverview of the Community Air Risk Evaluation (CARE) Program:  Some of the analyses and tools to assist planners in designing healthy infill projects have been developed through Air District's CARE program. Dr. Martien with will discuss accomplishments and findings of the CARE program to date and then conclude with a discussion of next steps.


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