Bay Area Air Quality Management District Proposed NSR Changes

In February, staff of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) published an initial draft of proposed amendments to Regulation 2 (Permits).  There are three primary purposes of the proposed changes:  (i) to incorporate U.S. EPA requirements for PM2.5 into the BAAQMD's Non-attainment New Source Review program; (ii) to incorporate new permitting requirements for greenhouse gases into the District's permitting programs in connection with EPA's "Tailoring Rule"; and (iii) to obtain State Implementation Plan approval for BAAQMD's Prevention of Significant Deterioration program.  These revisions would involve significant changes to current definitions, standards, and calculation and source-test methodologies.

The proposed amendments raise significant permitting issues that have already generated much discussion among regulators, the regulated community and the public.  This conference will be a forum to delve into the issues in depth, rather than a simple introduction to the proposed amendments.  Two panels have been assembled to present viewpoints, discuss pros and cons to the proposed changes, and respond to questions from the audience.

The conference will focus on issues associated with the proposed amendments and will not include a detailed presentation of the proposed language changes.  To review the proposed rule changes in advance of the conference, please visit the BAAQMD website.

All the documents can be found in January 24, 2012 Workshop section.  Also, the BAAQMD webcast is available for viewing from the right side margin of the same webpage.


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